JAY Z’s Life + Times x vitaminwater® Present | ‘Where I’m From’: Mack Wilds

JAY Z's Life+Times and vitaminwater® put together a pretty dope documentary series titled "Where I'm From". So far, creative talents like Melody Ehsani and DJ Mustard have stepped in front of the camera to give some insight into their journey to success. The latest talent to share their story is actor and recording artist Mack... Continue Reading →


Life + Times x vitaminwater® Present | A Little Motivation From Where I’m From: Melody Ehsani

Everybody needs a little motivation sometimes and Melody Ehsani speaks on where she got hers. She recently sat down to lay it out for Jay Z's Life + Times x vitaminwater documentary series, Where I'm From. The series finds the Los Angeles designer talking about her journey and the path she took to find success. Ehsani speaks on how to stay... Continue Reading →

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