Season 2 of STARZ Original Series ‘POWER’ Kicks Into High Gear With The Promise of Season 3

When the inaugural season of Power ended last year, it left people talking and wanting more. Word on the street was Season 2 wasn't supposed to start until October. Thank goodness, it started earlier this month with a bang! There were 1.43 million viewers tuned into S2 E1, making it the most watched STARZ Original... Continue Reading →

Music Must-Have | ‘Being Mary Jane’ Spotify Playlist (Seasons 1 & 2)

Season 2 of BET's Being Mary Jane kicked off with a bang! While the characters and the storyline are relatable as hell, the music is what gives the series the edge it needs. The music from Season 1 was so dope that we decided to compile them into a Spotify playlist. This time around, BET... Continue Reading →

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