Reality Bites: Gentrification Is Changing The Face of NYC

Photo Credit:, Julie Glassberg New York City is undergoing a variety of changes. A lot of it has to do with gentrification, the intentional shift of an urban community. The shift is designed to benefit the rich, bring more businesses into the community, and accommodate the increasing property value. Brooklyn has been 360’d by... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: R.I.P. Chris Lighty x DJ Wonder Musical Tribute

Suicide is real. A lot of people have contemplated suicide at some point in their lives and others have attempted to carry out the task and failed. Then there are some who were successful. Unfortunately, Chris Lighty was one of them. There are some who feel that this was not in his character to do... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Social Times Have Changed…

Posted by Guest Contributing Writer Melissa Walker @mlissa910 The ringing of a house phone.  Remember those days? Where you could say "call me!" and not have to "lock it in".  The phone would ring and more often than not, you would know who was calling. It was family, friend, or business.  These options were expected. ... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: “He/She F*&ked Someone Else…”

Relationships are becoming harder and harder to maintain nowadays.  With the myriad of distractions and the physical laws of attraction, relationships are taking hits from all angles.  While society and Kim Kardashian are ridiculing relationships and marriage, there are people who are actually trying to make things work.  Being in a relationship, there is a... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Moving On…

Everything in life has an expiration date.  Nothing lasts forever.  It’s nice to believe they do but they don’t.  Many times in relationships, we go in with our hearts but not with our heads.  Things happen all the time and when it’s over, it’s over… Moving on, like a lot of things, is hard to... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Cuffin’ Season Begins…

Shout out to the homie @OlDirtyDennis over at for this one... Summer is over and all the one night stands, dirty stay-outs and all that come to an end as well.  Cuffing season is on deck and if you start late, you will have nothing to cuff.  Below you will find a complete Cuffing Calendar... Continue Reading →

J.Lo says…”Te Veo…”To Marc Anthony

Summer 2011 marks the end of another era in the JLo marriage chronicles.  She and Marc Anthony announced (with statements in both English and Spanish) they will be calling it quits.  This announcement coming weeks after a series of appearances and interviews where the couple insisted that they were “happy”.  The couple’s most recent interview... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Dear Psychology Today…

For the people that are unaware of what article I am referring to, here is a cached screen shot. It has since been taken down but here is a link to the cached version.... CLICK HERE ----------> PSYCHOLOGY TODAY Dear Psychology Today, Your name indicates intelligence and insight but instead it exudes prejudice and stupidity.... Continue Reading →

Steve, Marjorie and Mary Harvey… SMH

Waking up to celebrity hot-mess is great. While I thought Jesse James and Kat Von-D were going to be my Sunday story, here come Steve and Mary Harvey. In this day and age, cheating isn't a surprise event any more. Who's doing it and who they are doing it with are way more interesting. Steve... Continue Reading →

Familiarity Breeds Contempt…

Whenever business matter are concerned, people always say to keep it "business".. Never personal.  Learning that lesson is however harsh when you bite the bullet and decide to do business with "friends" anyway.  I mean there are some situations that work out but for the most part, doing business with friends or people you already... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Payback Is a B*&%h

Watching Elizabeth battle Cancer and her husband's infidelity with composure was mind boggling.  People tried to figure out how she was going to react or what she was going to do but we never saw her "lose it" in the public eye.  Now that she has passed, Elizabeth Edwards got her revenge... Through her carefully... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Awkward much?

We have all been put in an awkward position at some point. And depending on the kind of person you are will determine how you react to the moment. Based on reader discussions, I compiled a list of the Top Ten Awkward Moments people experienced in 2010. They are in no particular order, pretty funny... Continue Reading →

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