Season 2 of STARZ Original Series ‘POWER’ Kicks Into High Gear With The Promise of Season 3

When the inaugural season of Power ended last year, it left people talking and wanting more. Word on the street was Season 2 wasn't supposed to start until October. Thank goodness, it started earlier this month with a bang! There were 1.43 million viewers tuned into S2 E1, making it the most watched STARZ Original... Continue Reading →

It’s Official! Check Out The Trailer For ‘Power’ Season 2

Photo Credit: STARZ The first season of 'Power' left most of us with our jaws dropped and begging for more. STARZ TV knew what they were doing when they decided to take on this series. Currently in production, the 'Power' Season 2 trailer dropped and promises an even bigger bang of a season. The show... Continue Reading →

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