Brutally Honest Podcast | Get Your Life In 20 Minutes

Listening to podcasts are hit or miss. There are so many to choose from and finding the right one is key. Some people are not built for podcasting while others fit the bill just right. Listening to people talk for sixty minutes is OD. Unless the content is so interesting that you lose track of... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: Are Brands Ready For A Hip-Hop Future?

For years, brands and hip-hop artists have come together on a variety of levels. Whether it's unintentional or the result of a carefully planned marketing campaign, brands have benefitted from the hip-hop culture for years. For as long as we can remember, certain artists were associated with certain products and brands. There have been many... Continue Reading →

2018: Commit To Changes You Want To See

At the stroke of midnight, we stepped into 2018. You know what comes with the new "me" resolutions. People have been making their resolutions known since December 26th and hopefully, they see them through. Making personal announcements about what needs to be changed and the things that people want to accomplish have become routine.... Continue Reading →

Cha-Ching! The Top 5 Sample Sales In The City

There is nothing like stumbling across an amazing sample sale during the holidays. Sample sales help to knock-out that gift list and allow a little shopping for oneself without draining the wallet. With that being said, there are some pretty dope sales happening in NYC this month. Time Out New York put the spotlight on... Continue Reading →

UberRUSH x Cole Haan Team Up To Deliver!

From rides to ice cream delivery, UBER has been the source of many services. The car service mega-brand recently teamed up with Cole Haan and Tradeglobal to offer Manhattan residents something awesome. From Tuesday, September 23 - Thursday, September 25, a selection of items purchased on will be available for same day delivery. Customers... Continue Reading →

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