Jay Z Set To Ride The Live Show Wave With TIDAL X: Jay Z B-Sides

TIDAL seems to be doing the absolute most to ensure the people that they are better than the competition. The week started with a personalized TIDAL rant from Jay Z followed by a streamed live show with J.Cole. Next up, an announcement of the “TIDAL X: Jay Z B-Sides” show to be streamed on May... Continue Reading →

#TIDALFACTS Twitter Rant Delivers an Important Message

Jay Z and the folks over at TIDAL turned a usually boring Sunday afternoon on Twitter into a 'Stream of Consciousness' with a flurry of Tweets. The hit-making businessman (not a business...man) took to his Twitter account to set the record straight about his newly acquired music streaming service, TIDAL. The new company provides a... Continue Reading →

Who’s Who At Made In America: The Lineup

Aside from helping to bring the Nets to Brooklyn, conquering Carnegie Hall and holder of the Throne, Jay-Z has decided to add music festival extraordinaire to his already solid resume. On September 1st & 2nd, Hov and Budweiser are bringing the noise to Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. The Made In America two day... Continue Reading →

Jay & Bey: Trademark Blue Ivy’s Name

(Photo credit Concreteloop.com) Jay & Bey make moves to trademark their little girl's name.  Blue Ivy is officially trademarked by her parents so that other companies don't cash in on her name.  Bey's company  BGK Trademark Holdings decided to make moves on the name after several people including fashion designer Joseph Mbeh, began submitting trademark... Continue Reading →

The “Countdown” Is Here…

"Grind the pony girl. Show him how you ride it..." YES BEYYYY!!!! She is slayin' these chicks in the industry and she's pregnant!!! Her whole "4" project was the culminating event to all of her previous projects and... (in my opinion)... Her current state of happiness with her husband.  If you go back through her... Continue Reading →

What’s Leaking: The Sideline Story

It seems that J.Cole has a hole in his pipes.  His Sideline Story project allegedly leaked to the masses yesterday.  Set to be released on September 27th, RocNation is either taking a loss or laughing at everyone scramble to download a mis-leak.  I am sure this is part of a bigger plan.  Anywho... While Sideline... Continue Reading →

Brunch With The Mad Bloggers: Episode 71

Good music is appropriate at any time of the day.  Since I got a late start to my day today, I will share my Brunch with you. Listen and Download when you can.  This Episode opens with "What A Blessing" by Adebisi (currently featured on theLadyBlogga.com) and closes with Made In America off WTT.  In... Continue Reading →

Jay Z x Jasmine Solano x RocaWear Fall 2011

As previously featured on thaladyBlogga.com, triple threat Jasmine Solano continues to blaze the trail to success. She is featured in the ROCAWEAR 2011 Fall Campaign with Affion Crockett, WordSpit the Illest and more featured artists to come. Remixing Jay-Z instrumentals with her own dope verbiage, she does the damn thing as usual. Check It Out!!!

Jay & Bey: Hip-Hop Grows Up At the VMA’s

For those sleeping under a rock, Jay and Beyonce stole the VMA's yesterday with their announcement.  They managed to keep the news under wraps and shock the world with news of a little "Hovito" on the way. First, Beyonce blatantly told MTV on the Black Carpet.  For those that missed that announcement, she performed "Love... Continue Reading →

Kanye Leaks: “The Joy”…

This is that G.O.O.D. music.  Aside from the fact that Kanye may have penis pics floating around and his "Runaway" video caused a creative fuss worldwide, his leaks fail to disappoint.  On the track: Pete Rock, Kanye, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi and Curtis Mayfield.  This song brings me back to a time when music used to... Continue Reading →

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