Watch PRhyme ‘Raiders Of The Lost Art’ Documentary Pt. 1 | Video

December 9th seems the be day that music just might be at its best. There are a myriad of solid projects dropping, one of them includes DJ Premier & Royce da 5'9"'s highly anticipated project, PRhyme. The tracks that already dropped are certified bangers and leaves folks eager to hear what else they got goin'... Continue Reading →


Check The Trailer: Calvan Fowler Puts Together ‘Jordan Heads’ With Michael Rapaport

Michael Jordan is the ultimate athlete. He had an amazing career and continues to reign high amongst fans and Sneakerheads alike. Calvan Fowler, Founder and Operator of Jordan Heads Brooklyn, put together a pretty cool documentary that is dedicated to the Air Jordan sneaker and the folks that love them. The film parallels Jordan Heads... Continue Reading →

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