Skyzoo On The Check-In

Brooklyn’s own Skyzoo came through to the Bodega to let us know what he was up to. Always on the move, he had a lot of great things to tell us. He even dropped a freestyle, a true freestyle… Not a pre-written one. Take a listen.

Download here ——>

Homeboy Sandman Chills At The Bodega

Stonesthrow artist Homeboy Sandman came through to discuss his movements, successes and future projects…He spoke about the transition from unsigned to signed artist. He also brought along some new music.   Check it out

Download here ———>

Tek of Smif & Wessun chops it up at the Bodega… is the place to be on Fridays from 5pm-7pm as the Bodega Cold Kutz Radio show goes down. Check what happens when Tek from Smif & Wessun comes through and chills with the Bodega Cold Kutz crew. Aside from a great interview, there are dope music sets in between by DJ Joe Bodega. Listen & Download below.

Download here ———->

Choppin’ It Up With Diggy Simmons

I Heart Radio and Power 105 in New York City hosted Diggy Simmons at an intimate Meet & Greet and performance at the PC Richard & Sons Theatre.  Diggy is gearing up for the release of his album in early 2012.  Check the interview and see what he has to say… 

A Minute With Warren G

SO I am sifting through footage from Rock the Bells and let me just tell you that the Trailer Park was a Zoo! People were in and out and all over the place but I managed to get 2 minutes here… 2 minutes there and so on and so forth.  Here is a quick chat with Warren G just before he, Snoop, Rage and the rest of the Dogg Pound hit the stage…

6 Minutes with Bill Ray

Harlem born and bred, Bill Ray has deep roots in the Hip Hop game.  Working with almost every artist imagineable, Bill Ray has made a lasting impression.  During this interview, you will see him with various Hip Hop icons who can all attest to one thing… Bill Ray is a beast!  Check it out…

A Conversation with the Legendary DMC

Legends are important to Hip Hop. Being able to share thoughts and ideas with a Hip Hop legend was almost surreal. I was given the opportunity to have a chat with the King of Rock himself, DMC from the timeless trio, Run DMC. He is buzzing with projects and videos in the works.

The interview below can be downloaded and actually placed in your iPods so you can listen to it on the go. We talked about music now, music then and where music is going. It was an very interesting chat and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed interviewing him. Take a few and listen to “A Chat with a Legend…”

Tha Lady Chops It Up with Peter Rosenberg

Supporters of Hip Hop are a dime a dozen. I have listened to this voice on the radio station for a few years. I was always impressed with his Hip-Hop Knowledge. He is not for the flossy and saucy but for the real shit. We bump into each other at all the dope shows and his radio show “Real Late” is the best thing since candy. That is the only time I listen to Hot 97, unless I am in the car. You can catch him Sunday nights from 1-3am and catch up on his blog at He is the host of Noisemakers and will be holding down the stage at all four Rock the Bells shows this year. Take a minute (well 6) to get to know Peter Rosenberg

A Chat with Jasmine Solano – Parts I and II

Ladies are making moves in 2010. Simple. It is always Mad Blogger duty to bring you the up and coming buzz. Jasmine Solano has been moving through the Underground and more openly the mainstream circuit for some time now. She is on her “A” game all the time and she is definitely one to watch. You can catch her on, rockin’ turntables on any given day in NYC, opening shows for our favorite rappers or in the studio laying down some kick ass tracks. Take 6 plus 8 minutes and get to know… Jasmine Solano (Interview Pts. 1 and 2)

Even though the intro is the same, the interview is different (editing snafu 😉

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