2018: Commit To Changes You Want To See

At the stroke of midnight, we stepped into 2018. You know what comes with the new year...new "me" resolutions. People have been making their resolutions known since December 26th and hopefully, they see them through. Making personal announcements about what needs to be changed and the things that people want to accomplish have become routine.... Continue Reading →

HBO Tells The Story of la Cultura Latina In ’15’ A Quinceañera Story

The Fiesta de Quinceañera is a special time for young Latina women. This coming of age celebration is a happy time for the Quinceañera, as well as her family and friends. There is a lot of preparation and planning for executing the perfect celebration. From saving money to picking the perfect dress and court, there... Continue Reading →


As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, there are a few things that we need to clear up. First and foremost, this is a day for couples. If you play the game correctly, the sidebitch/dude gets no love that day. The side dudes don’t care about this holiday. But for some reason, sidebitches feel like they have some right or obligation to get a gift, taken to dinner or treated like a girlfriend. So… I have put together some rules for the men and a list of the Top 10 Gifts those low self-esteem hoes should receive the day before or a few days after Valentine’s Day. They got lucky this year because Valentine’s Day is on a Monday so they have the whole weekend to celebrate. If your “man” takes you to dinner Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night but not Thursday… Guess what? You are a side bitch… LMAO *points finger…

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GUT: An Independent Film

By: Aletheia B. Told-  A woman's stomach...breathing fast but light like a bird. Sweat beads are gathering near her belly button. A scalpel caresses her body. Blood flows. A mans hand touches her gently, dipping his fingers into her life blood. DEATH. Blockbuster movies offer up the same thing over and over. Action, blood, sex and drama.... Continue Reading →

Win an Autographed Copy of “The Little Things We Learn In Life”

 Win an autographed copy of "The Little Things We Learn In Life" by creating the  best hashtag #TheLittleThingsWeLearnInLife .  The contest is on until Thursday  so get taggin'!!!  Winner will be announced on Friday. Many people make permanent decisions based solely on temporary  emotions #TheLittleThingsWeLearnInLife

Dave Chapelle: The Funny Man… Not So Much

A few weeks ago, Dave Chapelle popped up in New York City and gave a surprise performance... He was hellafunny and that performance spawned rumors of a comeback.  There is nothing more exciting than the thought of vintage Chapelle and the possibility of him making a comeback makes the world a better place. Well... Mr.... Continue Reading →

Summer Hot Spots: Barnum Island x Paddy McGee’s

Paddy McGee's:  6 Waterview Road Island Park, NY 11558-2226 (516) 431-8700         Summer has officially kicked off!!  Spending time with friends is important during summer time and tha Lady Blogga Says is going to point you in the right direction of some great summer spots.  Kicking off for Memorial Day Weekend is the infamous MDW... Continue Reading →

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