HBO’s ’Insecure’ Brings Open Marriage To The Millennial Table

Season 2 of HBO’s Insecure is creating a whole lot of conversation. With the season finale coming on Sunday, the events from episodes 1-7 are still the topic of many a conversation. Aside from the antics of Lawrence and Issa, Molly has taken on a new role…the SideChick with permission. She started engaging in some... Continue Reading →

Season 2 of STARZ Original Series ‘POWER’ Kicks Into High Gear With The Promise of Season 3

When the inaugural season of Power ended last year, it left people talking and wanting more. Word on the street was Season 2 wasn't supposed to start until October. Thank goodness, it started earlier this month with a bang! There were 1.43 million viewers tuned into S2 E1, making it the most watched STARZ Original... Continue Reading →

Tha AMA’s: What The Lady Liked (Visual)

Maroon 5 has an awesome performance set.  Adam Levine always makes it look fun and easy.  Last night, the super-group performed "Moves Like Jagger" for the AMA audience.  Not only is the song an instant party starter but it pays homage to one of the original sex symbols of the Rock Era, Mick Jagger.  Levine... Continue Reading →

Making Moves: What’s Russell Simmons Buying Now?

Aside from being a driving force and anchor in the Hip Hop community and a philanthropist at heart, Russell Simmons is considering a huge media purchase.  While overseas in HongKong for his Diamond Empowerment Fund Charity event, Simmons told the Wall Street Journal that he was indeed interested in purchasing a TV network.  Instead of... Continue Reading →

What He Said: Beats, Rhymes & Life…

Shout out and welcome to Contributing Writer Terrance on his take on the ATCQ Documentary... The controversy surrounding this project had me excited to see what it was all about.  On a whole, this film was a good piece overall, especially for Tribe fans. I believe too much focus was put on the nature of... Continue Reading →

Makin’ Moves: Tyler the Creator

Getting the shaft from a lot of bloggers, the tables are beginning to turn for Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. Catching the eye of Steve Rifkind who declared they were the best rap group since Wu-Tang Clan... Now that is an honor, the teenagers from the Left Coast are on the move. They ran... Continue Reading →

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