Brutally Honest Podcast | Get Your Life In 20 Minutes

Listening to podcasts are hit or miss. There are so many to choose from and finding the right one is key. Some people are not built for podcasting while others fit the bill just right. Listening to people talk for sixty minutes is OD. Unless the content is so interesting that you lose track of... Continue Reading →

Nitty Scott MC Open’s Up About New Music, America’s Drug Views & More In New Interview *Updated*

Since emerging from the New York underground few artists have been bubbling with such potential and star appeal then Little Buddha better known as Nitty Scott MC. Her early work earned her a loyal fan base for your 90's style boom bap lyricism. Yet, over the past year or so the cute around the way... Continue Reading →

Tha Lady Blogga Says…

GoodNews!!!!!! I've had a great time posting here but my permanent home is at I became the Lifestyle & Culture Editor over there. Click the logo below to be routed to the site so that you can read my features. I might be back soon. I might not 😉 Take Care and Thank You... Continue Reading →

Listen & Download x 3 Kings Remix x G-Swagg

Tuesday is synonymous with new music dropping. As G-Swagg prepares for the release of his new project later this year, he continues to feed his fans ear candy. Check out his cover of the intricate "3 Kings" track... Click Download, hit us with a comment and let us know what you think.

GUT: An Independent Film

By: Aletheia B. Told-  A woman's stomach...breathing fast but light like a bird. Sweat beads are gathering near her belly button. A scalpel caresses her body. Blood flows. A mans hand touches her gently, dipping his fingers into her life blood. DEATH. Blockbuster movies offer up the same thing over and over. Action, blood, sex and drama.... Continue Reading →

In My Ear: Janelle Fletcher x Come Alive

As summertime rapidly approaches, the need for "feel good" music increases. Janelle Fletcher recently released her second original track, "Come Alive". This dance track is the perfect segue to summer and it guarantees to be a banger thereafter. Fletcher is definitely moving in the right direction for a successful career. Check out the song below.... Continue Reading →

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