What’s Poppin’ at Panorama Music Festival this weekend?

There's never a bad time for a music festival. People take to the streets during the summer to catch some of the dopest shows and performances around New York City. Whether it's the Central Park Summerstage or the depths of Governor's Island, there are a bunch of shows to tend to. This weekend Panorama Music... Continue Reading →

The Art of Storytelling: HBO delivers The Defiant Ones

Documentaries have always been an important part of the music industry. They are an integral part of telling the story of how certain artists came to power. The road to stardom is never easy and chronicling the journey is key. HBO's new series, The Defiant Ones, sheds light on some of the music industry's biggest... Continue Reading →

Music Monday | The HipHop Mike Show

The New Year rolled in and the resolutions rolled out. People have been claiming trips to the gym, vowing to eat healthy, and declaring a new leash on life. Some of these resolutions should most definitely include people's music choice and what they decide to listen to. The Hip Hop genre of music has been going... Continue Reading →

Fresh Visuals! Nemo Achida “Come Alive” | Video

Nemo Achida is destined for musical greatness. The multi-talented artist/producer recently completed and released a very interesting visual. The track "Come Alive" got a video accompaniment that happens to come with some interesting animated graphics. The graphics were designed by Levon Kadamyan and is an awesome way to represent the song. The track, Come Alive,... Continue Reading →

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