2018: Commit To Changes You Want To See

At the stroke of midnight, we stepped into 2018. You know what comes with the new year...new "me" resolutions. People have been making their resolutions known since December 26th and hopefully, they see them through. Making personal announcements about what needs to be changed and the things that people want to accomplish have become routine.... Continue Reading →

Angie Martinez Talks That Roc-a-Fella Talk at The New Museum | NYC

Everybody claims to be doing it for the culture but, how many people can take responsibility for creating the culture? Believe it or not, five of those people were in the same room at the same time to share their journey with the people. DJ Clark Kent, Kareem "Biggs" Burke, Lenny Santiago, and Upscale Vandal came... Continue Reading →

Make Secrets At Oculto Manor Miami

When people hear about making secrets, there is an immediate connection to being risqué. Oculto Manor in Miami Beach is the perfect place to engage in such behaviors. Anheuser-Bush put together an amazing experience designed around tasting their newest endeavor, Oculto lager. Oculto is a tasty lager that is an infusion of Blue Agave and... Continue Reading →

Cha-Ching! The Top 5 Sample Sales In The City

There is nothing like stumbling across an amazing sample sale during the holidays. Sample sales help to knock-out that gift list and allow a little shopping for oneself without draining the wallet. With that being said, there are some pretty dope sales happening in NYC this month. Time Out New York put the spotlight on... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites: The Higher/Hire Education Hustle

As it would be, our economy is currently all points crappy and finding a job is becoming harder than finding "real" designer merchandise on Canal St in NYC. Most parents have been financially and mentally preparing their children for college since Kindergarten. The American Dream is built around having a college degree. There are some... Continue Reading →

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