Heineken and +POOL Turn Up For A Great Cause

Last night was a great night for a pool party. Heineken linked up with +POOL and Team Epiphany to turn the Watermark Bar into the place to be for the evening. The East River Pool Party went down last night and it gave guests some insight into the +POOL project. The +POOL will hopefully make... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Summer In The City With Summer Streets

It's August and the dogs days of summer are here. This month is usually the epitome of summertime with hot and hazy days on repeat. New York City makes sure that people enjoy their summer to the fullest. This Saturday kicks off Summer Streets, a free New York City summer activity that shuts down seven... Continue Reading →

Make Secrets At Oculto Manor Miami

When people hear about making secrets, there is an immediate connection to being risqué. Oculto Manor in Miami Beach is the perfect place to engage in such behaviors. Anheuser-Bush put together an amazing experience designed around tasting their newest endeavor, Oculto lager. Oculto is a tasty lager that is an infusion of Blue Agave and... Continue Reading →

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