The Little Things…

The Little Things We Learn In Life…

Tha Lady Blogga book launch was Tuesday 4.12 and great people came out to celebrate the completion of the project.  There were designers, artists, photographers, and a whole host of  others.   There was a lot of Networking going on as well.  Madeleine Twyman, J.Sharelle, G-Swagg, Eric Sosa and Warren Britt were all on hand to help me celebrate and did a damn good job.  “Kit” the Mixologist created “tha Lady Blogga” which was on constant complimentary flow all night.  DJ’s Famous and Reaganomixx brought the tunes and a great time was had by all.  The evening was a great one.  If you didn’t get to purchase a copy at the launch, you can click the book to the right and order one.  You can also ask Barnes & Noble to order it in-store for you. 

“The Little Things We Learn In Life” is a 3 book series that focuses on three important aspects of life… “Matters of the Heart”, “the Grind”, “the Fam”.  Book 1, “Matters of the Heart” is available for purchase .  “Matters of the Heart” takes the reader on a myriad of journeys through various relationships.  Relationships that are affected by some of the same things that are dealt with in real life.  Mistresses, occupations, Social Networking… But it also gives the other side.  Love, Happiness, Togetherness.  The objective behind the book is to help the reader see beyond their own situation.  Reading these stories gives insight, direction and knowledge beyond what might already be known.  Aside from entertaining, the stories are gritty, real and some of the readers may closely relate.  I hope you enjoy the journey into “The Little Things We Learn In Life”.  CLICK TO PURCHASE  ———>“The Little Things We Learn In Life” or look for it on Kindle and Paperback versions available.

“I would like to personally thank each and every one of the people who came out to share this special evening with me.  I know weather was not the greatest but that rain was for luck and blessings.  I appreciate YOU. If you didn’t make it, don’t worry.  When I am placed on that New York Times Best Seller List, I will do it again… But Bigger”  

Here are some pics from the evening…  

Here is “Kit” the Mixologist, the woman responsible for that “Lady Blogga” cocktails.  Follow her on Twitter @KidCunti and book her!! She’s great.  I know a few of you stumbled home… LOL Melissa (VP of Promotions Killah Pride Records), Lady Blogga and Tek from Smif & WessonJ.Sharelle ( @JSharelle ) tearing up the stage as usual.  Catch her on VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop” performing for “Power of the P”

Madeleine Twyman ( @MadeleineTwyman ) and her dancers bringing a dope fusion of Hip-Hop, ballet and modern dance.  Music with a message that people need to hear. They are serious with it and if you missed this, shame on you! Follow her on Twitter for future shows and contact  info…                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    G-Swagg ( @IAMGSWAGG ) blessed the crowd with a dope performance.  He performed a lot of new tracks including “Hold Back”, a throwback fav of many and the theme to a few stories in the book “In the Morning” and “The Game” with new artist Stunna ( @IAMJSTUNNA) from the Groundwork Management camp…

Queens was reppin’ heavy as Mr. 505 Eric Sosa ( @ericsosa ) continued the trend and ripped the stage some more…  He performed a slew of new tracks including “Celebrate” which was a musical description of the evening.


Mo’ Brown Suga (host of the BreyKing showcase “Soundcheck”) and Eric Sosa getting their groove on!

Closing the evening was Warren Britt ( @WarrenBritt ) performing songs from his mixtape “the Britt -ish Are Coming”



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