Angie Martinez Talks That Roc-a-Fella Talk at The New Museum | NYC


Everybody claims to be doing it for the culture but, how many people can take responsibility for creating the culture? Believe it or not, five of those people were in the same room at the same time to share their journey with the people. DJ Clark Kent, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Lenny Santiago, and Upscale Vandal came together for an in-depth convo with New York’s own Angie Martinez. They talked about where they started, how they started, and what it took to get from Roc-a-fella to RocNation and where they’re at today. This conversation comes on the heels of the release of the celebratory AF100 x Roc-a-Fella shoe that dropped early last week.

The panel focused on the will and the drive these guys had to make things happen. The “Roc-a-Fella” crew was something that everybody wanted to be down with. Their constant flow of Cristal and crisp white AF1s were a must. As time went on, their focus and priorities changed but their motivation remained the same.  They were faced with plenty of adversity but they believed in what they were building. They legit created a significant piece of New York culture and it has spawned into a legacy that will never be forgotten. The birth of Roc-a-Fella Records built an amazing foundation for talent, friendships, investments, and longevity. They believed in their vision and saw it through.

The AF100 x Roc-a-Fella release is a celebratory symbol of all their hard work. This shoe is part of the 35th Anniversary of the Air Force 1 and Nike’s plan to secure a number of collabs from some of the industry’s biggest cultural influencers. Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, ACRONYM, and Don C are just some of the chosen few to The AF1 was the crew footwear of choice and it has special meaning to the streets. The iconic shoe is adorned with the iconic Roc-a-Fella on the tongue and heel.


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