The 5 Things We Loved About Frank Ocean at Panorama

Bragging rites are in order! We got to see Frank Ocean Friday night and it was everything we had hoped. He showed up to Panorama NYC with a solid set from start to finish. Simplicity was key and he kept it simple the entire time. No fancy clothes. No fancy stage set up. Just Frank, his band, some Nike Off-White Prestos, and a political Tee that spoke volumes. We enjoyed Frank’s set to the fullest but these are the 5 things we absolutely loved the most.

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  1. He didn’t take to the stage like the other performers. He set-up a stage island in the middle of the crowd with his band and a giant cassette player. He did the show from there so that everyone could get a glimpse. The video screens gave everyone visual access at all times. Too bad for the stage hoggers in the front. They were man-handling their positions from early and he completely changed the stage game. Thank you Frank!
  2. His style was not too much but just enough. He hit the stage in black shorts and a white tee sporting the message, “WHY BE RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, OR TRANSPHOBIC WHEN YOU COULD JUST BE QUIET?” It’s saying everything we want to say without all the unnecessary commentary. He had on a pair of Off-White x Nike Prestos, and a buzzed blue hair cut. Casually cool.
  3. Spike Jonze owned the accompanying visuals. He made it okay to not be standing in the front. Matter of fact, he made you want to look at the screen the whole time…but we had our eyes on Frank.
  4. His set list was clutch AF. He kicked things off with “Pretty Sweet” and opened with “Solo”. The crowd was all in after that. His performance was full of emotion and he was in his feelings as he was singing. He talked to the audience about being in love and all that. But don’t get it twisted, this wasn’t a “love” show.
  5. The transitions between each song were smooth. If and when there was a situation, he talked the crowd through it with interaction. There were no awkward pauses and long transitions. Although he mentioned that this show format was new, they seem to be working out the kinks as they go along.

It was great to see Frank Ocean get it in Friday night. In case you missed it, check some of the recap video below.

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