Hennessy Celebrate 250 Years of Excellence at NYC’s Lincoln Center for the Hennessy 250 Tour

Hennessy Celebrate 250 Years of Excellence at NYC’s Lincoln Center for the Hennessy 250 Tour


2015 marks the 250th year anniversary of Hennessy. The massively popular cognac brand has been engaging the public in a number of creative ways to better understand the history and the present international scope of Hennessy.

Part of this yearlong celebration is the global 250 Tour which brings the full Hennessy experience to life via a collection of interactive art displays, classic antique items from the history of Hennessy and live performances. Kicking off in Guangzhou, China earlier this year, the pride of Cognac, France set sail to bring its legacy stateside.

New York City’s Lincoln Center served as host to the only U.S stop on the tour. For 3 days the people of NY have been taking in the 250 Tour exhibitions which included contemporary art pieces, multimedia installations and live performances that set the tone of the tour by bridging the past with the present.


In addition to this presentation  which has been open to the public Hennessy launched this U.S leg of the tour with a Gala event that included current day Hennessy spokesperson Nas, members of the Hennessy family as well as a number of media personalities, artists and many more to join in on the 250th anniversary events.

Take a look at some of the images from the 3 day affair and stay tuned as the year-long celebration continues.

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