Nitty Scott MC Open’s Up About New Music, America’s Drug Views & More In New Interview *Updated*

Nitty Scott

Since emerging from the New York underground few artists have been bubbling with such potential and star appeal then Little Buddha better known as Nitty Scott MC. Her early work earned her a loyal fan base for your 90’s style boom bap lyricism. Yet, over the past year or so the cute around the way girl has blossomed into a full grown woman with every intention of repping her femininity as well has your rhyme skills.

Recently Nitty linked up with for a very in depth and personal conversation.  Check out some of their chat below then hit the link at the bottom for the full interview.


We’re half way into 2015. What has the year taught/showed you thus far both personally and professionally?

I guess I’ve learned to be extremely tolerant. You know, when you ask the universe for patience, I don’t think some patience just drops into your soul, but instead you get put into a situation where you have to practice an acceptance of your reality. I’ve had a turbulent past 12 months; relocating at least 4 times, employing a new team of advisers, reinventing my entire brand. It’s been quite the process trying to restructure my world & execute the vision I have for myself.

You’ve admitted that your last release, “The Art of Chill” didn’t get the chance to be presented to the people as you wanted. You’ve also mentioned a new project for the summer. Will the visuals you created originally for TAOC still get released?

Absolutely. The Art Of Chill is such a solid, complex album that still hasn’t had it’s day. Unfortunately under previous management I was limited in how I could roll it out and it just wasn’t worked to it’s fullest potential. Now, with the help of the new relationships I’ve established, I have the means to give my fans the type of content I want to. We’re currently shooting some amazing visuals, and I plan on dropping an unreleased video for “U.F.O.” that was shot last year. But I’m not putting a pause on my creativity in the meantime, either; I’m working on two new EP’s as we speak, one of them almost wrapped. We cooking.


Full Interveiw Part 1 & Part 2

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