Step Into Festival Season With The Vans UC1 Sandal

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 4.50.27 PMAs the weather warms up and Spring turns into summer, gear and footwear selections begin to change. The boots and sneakers get put away and the sandals and kicks come out. Vans is good for footwear all year round but they are looking to put their “best foot forward” for the warm weather. The brand recently debuted their UC1 Sandal and it is now available for purchase.

The UC1 Sandal was designed with comfort in mind. With the help of the Vans Surf Team, this functional sandal meets all expectations. The molded Ultracush sole allows for comfort and functionality. The carefully engineered flex grooves allow the sandal to move with the wearer’s feet to help keep that perfect fit. These would most definitely be great during festival season, when there is a lot of walking and chillin’ outdoors. Vans UC1 Sandals are on our list of ‘Must-Haves’ for Festival Season. These will most definitely be in our packs when we hit Governor’s Ball in NYC this summer. The UC1 sandal is not only comfy but stylish as well. The foam-backed, 3-point upper is designed with a mesh lined strap with reflective details. Visit for more information.

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