Win A Pair of SOL REPUBLIC x Hydro 74 Cryptic Headphones


SOL REPUBLIC is a collection of great minds behind a dope audio brand. Their headphones are the personal faves of many people, including myself. Their products are sleek, stylish, and sound great! They recently teamed up with Orlando based designer, Hydro74 a.k.a. Joshua M. Smith, and came up with the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks V8 headphones with a custom, Hydro74 Cryptic headband.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.38.48 AMSOL REPUBLIC headphones feature a unique modular design with interchangeable headbands which allow users to change their headband as they wish. Hydro74 designed these headbands with an amazing visual both inside and out. The SOL REPUBLIC stamp is situated on the top of the band and looks awesome against the black, gold, and white design. These Cryptic Headphones are a limited edition and there are are only 50 numbered pieces available. These headbands were designed to inspire folks to be creative. Smith had this to say about his design:

“The way I work is defined by the things that inspire and feed my need to want to be creative. The owl which has become a cog in the identity only represents wisdom of 15+ years of work. The keys are a reminder that there is much to be unlocked, doors to open, and ideas to be allowed see the light of day. Even something as simple as an eye of providence with its mysterious tie in, only represents a vision or wanting to achieve. Simple, delicate elements that represent different cultures from times long ago to more current sacred geometry with hints of Yin and Yang in its structure lead to my favorite thing, symmetry. Symmetry is balance and function in a chaotic system. All of this only defines me in some form or fraction of idealism, but in the end finds different meanings in the minds of others when they see it.”

– Joshua M. Smith

Smith will be giving away 5 sets of headphones via his Instagram account. Follow him here, @hydrosevenfour, to find out additional information on how to enter. The remaining 45 headphones will be available for purchase via and made available for members of the SOLdiers of Sound loyalty program for $39.99.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 11.47.31 AM

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