Reality Bites: A Good Job (and Rejection Letter) Are Hard To Find…

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It’s funny…Statistics about the unemployment rate and available jobs are updated frequently. If you are one of the people looking for a job, the accuracy of these numbers seem like a damn lie! I have been on an active job hunt for quite some time. Despite quite a few first and second round interviews, locking down a position I love is more difficult than I thought.

After nailing an interview and feeling confident about what went down, the inevitable happens. The worst part about this whole process is the waiting. While some publications are rude enough to not even respond at all, others are nice enough to send forth the dreaded “rejection e-mail”. After playing the waiting game and even offering up a “Thank You” and “Follow-up” email, a lot of people often see this:

“Hey Tameka,
Thank you for reaching out. At this time, we are moving forward with an internal candidate for the ____________ position. That being said, the role is _________-level, and since you do have quite a bit of experience, we will like you wouldn’t be fully fulfilled in this capacity, given the high level of administrative and scheduling support that our __________ roles across our network requires.
We appreciate your continued interest in _____________, and wish you the best of luck in your search.
Best regards,

Now…The letter has been blocked out accordingly because I don’t want to totally embarrass the writer. This is an actual ‘rejection’ letter that I received from a company that I interviewed with. First and foremost, they spelled my name wrong. Despite the fact that my name is on my resume and application, the spelling of my name didn’t matter to the writer. The run-on sentence at the end of paragraph one is disrespectful and with all of the words they put together, I still have no idea what this letter is actually saying.

Going on interviews and receiving correspondence like this, explaining that I am not a good candidate for the job, are a total slap in the face. Everyone makes mistakes, be it grammatical or spelling. What I want to know is…Who allowed this piece of shit letter to even go out? Is there a chain of command before sending out a letter? How about editing? The above company correspondence is just plain awful. The company should be embarrassed that this is how they are being represented. While getting offered a job is always a blessing, one would have to wonder if getting snubbed by a company sending out this nonsense, is a blessing in disguise.

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