Music Must-Have | ‘Being Mary Jane’ Spotify Playlist (Seasons 1 & 2)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.16.11 PM

Season 2 of BET’s Being Mary Jane kicked off with a bang! While the characters and the storyline are relatable as hell, the music is what gives the series the edge it needs. The music from Season 1 was so dope that we decided to compile them into a Spotify playlist. This time around, BET caught on and put together a weekly episode playlist as well. Having all the dope music is easier in one place, especially if the Season 1 music is on your mind. This Being Mary Jane playlist is a 4 hour mix of both Season 1 and Season 2 music. It is truly a dope selection of tunes.

The new season kicked off with Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ and featured bangers from Jazmine Sullivan, Alice Smith, Goapele, and Angie Stone to name a few. Check out the playlist below and follow along as I will be adding on new music every week! Be sure to check out new episodes of Being Mary Jane every Tuesday on BET at 10 pm. #ThankMeLater

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