Honor Your Body & Sharpen Your Mind: Reebok Encourages People to #BeMoreHuman | Video


Pushing oneself to the limit is not a common behavior for everyone. Getting people to use fitness as a way to better oneself all around is something that is difficult in today’s society. Reebok is taking the initiative to get people to go above and beyond to live up to their full potential. The #BeMoreHuman challenge is a full blown campaign to get people to change their perception of fitness and the whole fitness experience. There are three parts to living a fitness lifestyle; the physical, mental and social. The Reebok Delta is the brand’s new symbol and it represents the physical, mental, and social change that evolves when living a fitness lifestyle.


This campaign is looking to get people to commit to becoming better parents, leaders, teachers, and partners through living a fitness lifestyle. The end result is getting people to be a stronger version of themselves trough fitness. As time passes on, athletes are looking more and more like regular people with everyday lives. They are one-of-a-kind individuals who are the changing face of their community. Reebok wants more people to play that position and enhance their lives for the better. Press play on the ‘Freak Show’ video above and check out the ‘Be More Human Experience’ here. This is a great way to make a difference for oneself and others. Get on board and #BeMoreHuman.

The full campaign kicks off this Sunday, 2/1, with a TV spot on NBC.

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