RECAP! Meet The Podcasters: The Combat Jack Show

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Podcasts have always been pretty popular. Their subject matter ranges from current events to sports to music. They can be subscribed to, downloaded, and replayed at will. This makes content available at all times and a great thing to have on deck. The Combat Jack Show happens to be one of the more popular podcasts that people are tuning in to.

Reggie Ossé (Combat Jack) and Peter Gibaldi (Premium Pete) put the show together as a weekly online radio show and it has spiraled into a whole other animal. The show tackles a variety of subject matter that includes music, fashion, and even current events. While there are quite a few podcasts that cover these topics, The Combat Jack Show takes it to a whole ‘notha level. Last year, they had a breakout year, as they brought a shitload of heavy hitters and content that shed light on a lot of situations. The pair sat down at the Apple Store in SoHo and laid it all out as Elliot Wilson moderated the conversation.


The transition to podcast was interesting because an hour show became a no-time limit podcast that could sometimes go on for hours! How do people listen for hours…? The Combat Jack Show podcast is just that dope. They trust their content, they know their listeners, and they know what the people want to hear. The show went from weekly online spot on PNC radio to a podcast series back in 2012. The transition opened doors for the Loudspeakers Network, which consists of an army of other Podcast show poppers. The network includes The Brilliant Idiots‘ (Charlamagne and Andrew Schultz), The Read (Kid Fury & Crissle), Sneaker Fiends Unite, Reality Check, Neck of the Woods, Plz Advise, Shots Fired, In The Mix w/ Shoom and Fan Bros. The idea of formless interviews allows for awesome conversation between guests and the hosts. They work to extract the good stuff and not the expected interview bullshit that people don’t want to hear. It brings out the artists/guests in their true self versus the rehearsed interview response robots they become for some of the publications and stations.


Honesty is a big deal for Reggie Ossé. Howard Stern is one of many who have a strong influence on his work. He and Pete share a lot of personal stuff with their fans which makes their show relatable. Honesty is key and it allows them to connect to their listeners. Aside from being honest and what not, their interview prep skills are on point. They look to present and discuss information that isn’t common knowledge. This allows the people they’re interviewing to go in, be themselves, and present a side that fans rarely experience.

The Combat Jack Show is special in a sense that they’ve opened up a new lane for people. They’ve disturbed existing formats of radio and interviewing so now, people are looking to develop shows like theirs. Despite their list of favorites, my favorite Combat Jack episode from last year was the Dame Dash episode. Talk about being real!? LOL Be sure to tune into The Combat Jack Show every week. This week, they kick it with Sadat X and Will Tell a.k.a. The Wine Connoisseurs. Press play below to check it out!

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