Music Monday | The HipHop Mike Show

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The New Year rolled in and the resolutions rolled out. People have been claiming trips to the gym, vowing to eat healthy, and declaring a new leash on life. Some of these resolutions should most definitely include people’s music choice and what they decide to listen to. The Hip Hop genre of music has been going through some changes and people are doing what they can to preserve the culture as many of us know it.

Despite the influx of gimmicks and bullshiters proclaiming to be “rappers” and “Hip Hop artists”, there has been a solid representation of the music thanks to a handful of dope artists. Supporting their music, the stations, and shows that spin their tracks is key.

We recently revamped our selection of stations and sources for music to make a better effort at supporting the cause. Online alternatives to the mainstream radio nightmare is a great way to start. One of the mainstream radio show alternatives that we highly recommend is the HipHop Mike Show. Available on Soundcloud, the Hip Hop Mike Show is a dope compilation of everything a Hip Hop Head wants to listen to. From J.Cole to I LOVEMAKKONNEN to Dom Kennedy, these playlists can be played through multiple times without flinching or skipping. Mainstream radio is definitely a breeding ground for the gimmicks and not showing them love is a great way to send them a message. Hip Hop Mike is the apprentice to one of my favorite Hip Hop heads so his efforts are legit. Check him out on IG or Twitter via @HipHop_Mike and be sure to check the Soundcloud for new playlists.

Press play below to check out Episodes 4, 5, and 6. Thank me later 🙂

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