Fox’s New Series ‘Empire’ Debuts 1/7 With Original Music

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.09.38 AM

Photo Credit: Vevo, Fox

Fox is getting ready to unleash a spankin’ new series on Wednesday. Emmy heavyweights Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, and Brian Grazer teamed up to deliver ‘Empire‘, the highly anticipated drama series starring Terrance Howard (Lucious) and Taraji P. Henson (Cookie). The series is a powerful look at a hip-hop CEO who is looking to prepare one of his sons to fill his seat as the head of his company.

The series focuses on music, a CEO’s desire to keep his company together, and the trials & tribulations of the industry. Aside from bringing an awesome storyline to viewers, the series will deliver original tunes to match. The first song, ‘No Apologies’, was recorded by cast members Jussie Smollett (Jamal) and Bryshere Gray a.k.a. Yazz The Greatest (Hakeem). The two play Lucious’ sons and they are in the running to take over the company once he is gone. The song will be featured in the second episode of the series which airs on 1/14. Timbaland played an integral part in the music being created for the show and presents a slew of bangers for the episodes. Because music is the focus of the show, it is important that the tunes come correct. Not only does the cast contribute to the sound but there will be special guest features and appearances as the season rolls along.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.12.11 AM

Columbia will release the songs from each new episode during the show’s first season run. Press play below to check out the first track, No Apologies, featuring Jussie Smollet and Bryshere Gray. The song is currently available on iTunes. New York City’s Empire State Building will be all lit up for the occasion tonight along with a special Timbaland music salute at 8pm on Power 105.1. Be sure to tune in to Fox on Wednesday 1/7 at 9 p.m. to catch the first episode of Empire.

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