Phone Home Weezy! Phonio Launches A Mobile Phone Partnership With Young Money


Fans always want that direct connect with their favorite celebrities and artists. Phonio, a San Francisco-based mobile company, just might be the folks to make that happen. They announced today that they will be launching a new mobile endeavor with Young Money Entertainment. This new project allows fans to be able to hear from their favorite Young Money artist via telephone.

Phonio figured out a way to develop a platform that allows celebrities, athletes, artists, and even politicians to simply pick up the phone and call any one of their followers whenever they desire. Using Phonio is simple…Fans have to dial 857-216-6736 to follow Young Money. They will have to listen to a greeting and then press 1. Young Money artists can call fans who follow them when they want to share a new song or give a behind-the-scenes peek at their life on the road.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.20.25 PM

This Phonio x Young Money launch comes just in time for the release of Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album, The Carter V, which is due to drop letter this month. Fans can sign up to receive album alerts for The Carter V and other Young Money projects. Phonio allows for a next level fan experience, much more intimate than existing social media networks and fan site. Phonio seemed to WOW fans and bring in over 50,000 calls to Chris Daughtry (857-216-6739), the NBA’s Sacramento Kings (916-245-9325), musician and actor Drake Bell (310-504-3963), musician Levi Mitchell (310-504-3966), and non-profit organization NextGen Climate (857-216-6735). Give Phonio a ring with the assigned numbers and keep up with your favorite artists today!

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