Crowdfund For A Cause! Help Reach A Lifesaving Goal For The #PrettyLouWillNotLose Campaign


People turn to crowdfunding to help get the finances they need to fund all kinds of things. From potato salad recipes to “Spike Lee Productions”, crowdfunding has been the go-to solution to get the money to get things done. The #PrettyLouWillNotLose Campaign just kicked off a couple of days ago and is already at 61% of its goal! You know what that means, we need YOUR help!

The #PrettyLouWillNotLose Campaign was started because the hottest host in New York City, Pretty Lou, has been diagnosed with a life threatening bone marrow disease. Pretty Lou and his Frontstage Radio show was featured on the site many times. He is like family and we want to make sure we get the word out to get him the help that he needs. This rare disease requires him to have a bone marrow transplant IMMEDIATELY in order to stay alive. Because the entertainment industry has minimal options for health insurance, most of the people in the mix don’t have health insurance. Unfortunately, Pretty Lou is one of them. This procedure is expensive. He needs to raise the funds to have the procedure in order to stay alive. Simple.

If people can raise over $30,000 for a potato salad recipe, we can come together and raise the funds to save a life. Visit Donation To to donate to the #PrettyLouWillNotLose Campaign.

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