Reality Bites: When Love & Marriage Goes Sour In Public


September was a hot month for break-ups with no make-ups. People don’t realize that the pressure of a relationship only intensifies when they are in the public eye. Jason Derulo & Jordin Sparks, Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey, and Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa took major hits in their personal lives when they had to announce that they were breaking up and getting divorced.


A lot of people were shocked and surprised at their splits because they appeared to be so happy together…Key word here, APPEARED. We would see these couples all over the net, the Gram, the Book, at openings and red carpet events looking happier than pigs in shit. Who would’ve known that things were anything but grand behind the scenes? Thanks to Social Media, there is a growing need for people to ‘Fake the Funk’ and make their lives look happier than they really are on The Networks. There seems to be a growing trend on social networks for people to overexpose their relationships, making all seem well when it really isn’t.

When it comes down to it, private lives should be kept private. If you want to wish your Sig Ot a Happy Birthday, cool. If you want to talk about an accomplishment or some kind of successful happening, cool. The overexposure of “I Love My Honey” and “My Honey Loves Me” with daily status messages and photo proclamations on The Networks is not cool. After awhile, people begin to see through the façade. It was all good just a week ago. Twerking on the Gram for your man this week and then announcing plans for divorce the week after, sucks.


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