SOURCE360 Kicks Off In Brooklyn Today!


The first annual SOURCE360 event kicks off in Brooklyn today, 9/19. The three-day expo is packed with all kinds of things to do that involve art, music, fashion, film, sports, discussions, technology, digital media, and even gaming.

Today, a series of panels will take place at a variety of venues. The panels are filled with people who are knowledgeable in a myriad of areas. Panel topics include “Bloggers, Pop Culture, & Revenue”, “Art”, and “Pass the Mic”. The film festival will be showing “Notorious” and Nas’ “Time Is Illmatic”. The BAM Café Music Showcase will host a special “Pass The Mic: Ladies First session at 10PM tonight. This is only ONE day of activities. Check here for information and definitely get in on all these dope activities. We will be on deck for the three-day event, letting you know what’s going down at SOURCE360.


9am – 7:30pm Friday Panels
Venue: HS, LLC Building Lecture Halls & Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn

9am: “Hip Hop & Society: The Social + Political Impact of the Music”

10:30am: “Talent Discovery & The Disc to Digital Paradigm”

12pm: “The Power Panel” (Panel & Reception)

12pm: “Film & Television: Behind The Lens – Discussion on the Most Impactful Directors of the last 25 Years”


3:00pm: “Art: The Rise of Street Art in The Fine Art Marketplace”

3:00pm: “Bloggers, Pop Culture & Revenue”

3:00pm: “Educate & Elevate”

6pm: “Pass The Mic: Women In Hip Hop Take Center Stage”

10am – 4pm 360 Farmers Market
Venue: Albee Square Plaza

4pm – 8pm “Your Source of Refreshment” #SOURCE360 x Coors Light Lounge Experience
Venue: Woodland

5pm – 9pm 360 Plaza

Venue: Albee Square Plaza

6pm – 8pm Digital & Radio Power 30 Celebration

6:45pm – 8:50pm Film Festival – “Notorious”

Venue: BAMcinematek

7pm – 8:30pm Hip-Hop Inspiration

Venue: Roulette

9:30pm – 1am – Unsigned Hype Competition

Venue: Roulette

10pm – 11:15pm Film Festival – “Time Is Illmatic”

Venue: BAMcinematek

10pm–11:30pm BAM Café Music Showcase – “Pass the Mic: Ladies First – A Night of Women Emcees”

Venue: BAM Music Café

Nighttime Festivals [TIME TBD]

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