All Pumpkin Everythang! Mix Up A ‘Pumpkin Old Fashioned’ Cocktail


As soon as September hits, all kinds of pumpkin spice products stock the shelves. From lattes to muffins to yogurt, no edible stone is left unturned when it comes to pumpkin spicin’ it up. Cocktails and beer are a popular pumpkin spice favorite. This Pumpkin Old Fashioned Cocktail is a great way to pay homage to pumpkin season.

This cocktail is pretty easy to make. The recipe calls for pumpkin puree, Bourbon, Grand Marnier, and maple syrup. The ingredients are combined in a shaker with ice and shaken until well mixed. The final product should be strained on the rocks into a chilled old-fashioned glass. It can be garnished with a rosemary sprig or orange peel and then served. DELISH! The full recipe and list of ingredients is available on

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