Reality TV: FUSE x Eleven28 Entertainment Presents… “The DOCUTape” Series

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for most. It’s great when one can watch a reality TV show and actually be interested. FUSE TV and Eleven28 Entertainment have teamed up to bring us the reality series, “The Docutape”, which allows viewers a glimpse into the lives of the ever-grinding Indie artist. Watching the behind the scenes footwork of an artist, be it emcee or producer, brings a new found respect for their craft. Fans are dependent upon these kinds of visuals to better connect with artists. The DocuTape Series kicked off on July 4th and will continue through summer with various artists and industry personnel prevalent to the Indie Music market. Skyzoo, Nitty Scott MC, Fred da Godson, and Tanya Morgan are just a few of the many talents we will see on this series. Check FUSE TV for scheduling and access to the videos. Keep up with and follow the series during the coming weeks. Shows like these are important to preserving the Hip Hop culture and creating exposure for much needed-to-be-seen talent. For more information on Eleven28 Entertanment, check out their Tumblr, Click the link to see the first Docu Tape Series featuring production super-duo Buda da Future and Grandz Muzik… Below is some footage and photos from their Premier party last week at NYC’s Katra.

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