America’s Got Talent: Check Out NYC’s Own Wordspit & the Illest

The name Wordspit is no stranger to the NYC Underground scene.  Moving through the circuit for quite some time and most people familiar to this scene in NYC know the name. Well the name has literally become a household one. Making his debut on national television with his band the Illest, Wordspit is taking his music to new heights. After auditioning for America’s Got Talent, Wordspit and the Illest earned their keep on this season’s show. According to Rolling Stone magazine,

"Wordspit & The Illest!, hip-hop band: When a crew from  
the "rough part of town" is able to channel the Roots,  
sneak in the chorus to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"  
and incorporate violin, all while a dude who goes by the  
name Wordspit gets the crowd psyched through whiplash-quick  
"backpack rap" rhymes, there's a good chance they're being  
put through to the next round. Thankfully, they advanced.  
Frankly, if these dudes tighten up their chops just  a wee bit, 
this could be the beginning of something special."

Make sure you tune into this season of America’s Got Talent and watch the journey of Wordspit and the Illest unfold. This is not the first time an underground artist got picked to compete in one of these things. A few months ago, Astro made his debut. He was first spotted by at a Soundcheck showcase in NYC about 2 years ago. He went on to land a recod deal after a long stint and a few run-ins with Simon Cowell.  I wish Wordspit and his boys much luck. Always a great thing to see people you know succeed. Like them on FaceBook as well

If you missed last night’s performance, check it below and make sure to tune in to America’s Got Talent on NBC.

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