GUT: An Independent Film

By: Aletheia B. Told–  A woman’s stomach…breathing fast but light like a bird. Sweat beads are gathering near her belly button. A scalpel caresses her body. Blood flows. A mans hand touches her gently, dipping his fingers into her life blood. DEATH.

Blockbuster movies offer up the same thing over and over. Action, blood, sex and drama. The film GUT does as well. Just not in the way that the mainstream wants. Within seconds of watching you want to know why, who and why again.

Filmmaker Elias challenges watchers to look past all the pomp and circumstance and partake in a true movie watching experience. Are the men in the movie abnormal, evil men? Or are they so lost that this experience they have had takes them so far out side of themselves that they don’t know how to get back.

A clock ticks. We wait nervously.

Part of a good movie is the subtle moments. Actors expressions, background, innuendo. GUT has all of these but not in a way you see daily.  It’s not force-fed to you. If you don’t get it, you don’t. At this point you probably never will and nobody involved in making this film worries that you don’t.

You don’t have to. That’s the beauty of it. You can walk away thinking its a slasher film. That’s okay. It’s not though.

The musical score ebbs and flows in a way that at times, you  may concentrate on just that. Clock ticks. We wait. Watch. Worry. The mood of the music affects the watcher in a subtle unconscious way. You may find yourself entranced.

Dialogue has guided movies since the death of silent films. Elias brings back that feeling by the lack of dialogue. There are times where four or more minutes pass with just the actors. Amazing. Silence for five minutes and I want to choke you? ( The actors not you.) I want so badly to tell them what they are doing wrong.

Beads of sweat on an upper lip, the blue glow of the TV screen reflecting off of slack-jawed faces. Shifting eyes. Says much more than words could ever do.

There is a lesson in this film. If you get it, you look deeper than the crust of the bread. If you don’t I’m sure you enjoyed the blood.

Hug your wife and your kids, smile and take a breath before you watch GUT.

Appreciate all you have.

Makes you think, and that makes a good film.

Official Site

GUT Facebook Page

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