Listen & Download: The Other Guys “Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP”

When it comes to Hip-Hop, everybody has their preference. There are so many sub-genres within the main genre, it becomes hard to settle on a “type”. This a beautiful thing because it makes the listener appreciate the music more. The Other Guys bring a new sound to a classic genre of music. Mixing old school with new school tactics, they bring a cool sound to Hip Hop. With dope beats, live drums, and a mixture of sounds from a range of sources, the  indie producer/emcee duo Mighty Joe & Gnormen Insanate Baites give Hip Hop what it needs. Being in a group doesn’t work for most but it definitely is a perfect for these two. The levels of creativity are evident in the music and it is refreshing to the ears.

1. Nice 01:45
2. Fearless 03:38
3. Which One 03:37
4. My Trip To Canada 03:36
5. Under The Circumstances 04:13
6. Wish 02:03
7. Drum For Me 03:53
8. Most Wanted Feat. Childish Gambino 04:09
9. Up 2 U 02:56
10. Thinner 04:14
11. Flirting Again (ruff draft) 04:52

This is not the first release for the pair. Previously released project The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth is still available for download. If you are not familiar, it is suggested that you get familiar. “Fearless” is currently on heavy rotation.

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