4/20 DOWNLOAD: Rocksmith and The Couch Sessions Presents 420 Holidaze Mixtape

In celebration of the 4/20 new found national holiday, thaLadyBlogga.com decided to honor the day by posting the dopest mixtape we could find. Kudos goes to DJ Run P for the dope creation. Check the tracklist… Guaranteed to compliment your smoking experience. Check out Run P at  http://www.gasolinedream.com or in the flesh on Saturday night’s at Moe’s in Brooklyn, NY.

Brought to you by

DJ Run P (Gasoline Dream/The Couch Sessions/Prism) – twitter: @run_p

Rocksmith &

The Couch Session’s @raidroachkilla


1. Dope Love – 45 Prince
2. Munchies – Half Baked
3. Marijuana – Kid Cudi
4. Up – Wiz Khalifa
5. Doobie-Ashtray – Devin The Dude
6. Wanna Get High – X-Raided & Lunasicc
7. Mary Jane – Scarface
8. 100 Weight of Collie Weed – Carlton Livingston
9. Puff The Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul, & Mary (Interlude)
10. Rolling Papers (Feat. Wolf Haley) – Domo Genesis
11. Never Been – Wiz Khalifa
12. Higher – Jhene Aiko
13. Amber – 311
14. Brown Sugar – D’Angelo
15. I Got 5 On It Luniz
16. Staircases (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Buddy
17. Brain On Drugz – Boddah An Da Bandit
18. Oscar Mayer (Interlude)
19. Crumblin’ Erb – Outkast
20. Pick It Up – Redman
21. Smokin’ All My Bud (Feat. 9 Inch Dix, Half Dead, Uncle Reo, & Shon Lawon) – Snoop Dogg


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