DOPE Visuals: MrMecc x #JBF

Being a journalist means that your ability to entertain and tell a story is proficient. MrMecc can certainly put it down on paper but he recently switched gears and brought his talents forth for all to see and hear. After 3 episodes of his comedic series #JBF, MrMecc put a track and visual behind the concept. #JBF is the perfect anthem to describe that disheveled “get it together” zone after… you know.

This is the first track off of his upcoming mixtape Let Me Explain. MrMecc dropped a cool visual for the track with a cameo list even cooler. Let’s see… On deck is The Company Man, radio host Combat Jack, porn Queen Aryana Starr and supercute femcee Nova Rocafeller. We are excited to see what MrMecc brings next. Check out the visual and let us know what you think.

Keep on top of MrMecc (no pun intended) and his movements on FaceBook…Vimeo…YouTube…Soundcloud…Twitter… and Instagram. His handle is the same across the board, MrMecc. He made it real easy for you. Check out his Tumblr page as well, . 

Download the #JBF here —>

Check the audio here —>

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