VIDEO: Times Square Shutdown… Nokia Lumia 900 x Nicki Minaj (photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

Nicki Minaj and Nokia shut down Times Square last night. With the release of their newest phone, the Lumia 900, they decided to join forces with the hottest woman in the game right now, Nicki Minaj. A giant stage was set up in the middle of Times Square and the superstar belted out 3 of her tunes, “Starships”, “Right By My Side” and “Super Bass”. “Starships” is being remixed by DJ Doorly and the video will include fan shots from the performance. After the performance, Nicki appeared at the R Lounge and did a very brief walk-thru. Security was virgin tight as she said her hello’s and good-bye’s so photo op’s were few and far between.

The R Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel was a buzz as the Lumia 900 was the focus. The phone will be available later this month. With a ton of features, large touchscreen and slim physique, this phone is dope. The sound system is exquisite and the headphones are adorable (they color-match the device). The President of Nokia, Chris Weber was on hand to personally show off the product. He and Lady Blogga had a phone race and the Lumia 900 beat her iPhone, hands down. LB is sold and will have a Lumia 900 very soon. Her iPhone will be demoted to stand-by.  

Nicki’s Time Square Nokia performance is posted below. Make sure to check out the Lumia 900 at your earliest convenience. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Tha Lady Blogga Highly Recommends… (Full phone review coming soon).

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