Reality Bites: Trayvon Martin… When Will It Stop?

One would think that in 2012, the powers created to “Protect and Serve” would have their job description and tasks in perfect order. It seems that there are still discrepancies in the way our “Protect and Serve” system works. Not only are these discrepancies rampant in the structured systems but it has filtered into the civilian population as well. When will it stop? How many more lives do we have to sacrifice in order to get it right?

Trayvon Martin had no idea that George Zimmerman had a personal agenda. A personal agenda that involved him losing his life. Like so many Police Officers and Politicians, the color of a person’s skin is what determines their actions, motivations and whether they deserve to live or die. This has been the mindset for as long as most people can remember. Many things have changed, but not that. African American men are reminded of this almost daily. And for as long as George Zimmerman continues to walk a free man for murdering Trayvon Martin, it is safe to say that we as African American people don’t deserve to live.

The Sanford Police Department are doing their best to prove that an unarmed, young African American male deserved to be killed. This seems to be an easier task Instead of the obvious, and prosecuting a White man for killing him in cold blood. Although there is no visual, the audio tells a chilling story. Hearing a young African American man beg a white man for his life is DISTURBING. A white man of self-appointed authority, no less. Correction… Hispanic. There are reports circulating that Zimmerman is Hispanic.

The media has made it a point to go into the gated community and talk to a myriad of “Black neighbors”. These neighbors conveniently come to Zimmerman’s reputation defense… “I know everything in the media is untrue and I would trust George with my life”. Neighborhood Black children were gathered to confess that George Zimmerman was their “mentor”. Is this supposed mean he’s not racist? Is this supposed to mean that he is incapable of being suspicious of and killing someone who is Black? In a country that is plagued with the “My best friend is Black” syndrome, it most certainly does.

This situation is bigger than we can imagine. According to the Chicago Tribune, the F.B.I. Is in contact with the authorities at the Sanford Police Department. They are monitoring the investigation and will hopefully help bring the Martin family the justice they deserve. Now if Zimmerman can’t be brought to justice with the help of the F.B.I., then the message is clear. This country has NO INTEREST in protecting and serving African Americans. The problem now becomes… What do we do about it?

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