Reality Bites: The Notorious BIG: 15 Years Later… From A Daughter’s Perspective

 March 9th marks the 15th anniversary of the passing of Christopher Wallace, better known to the world as the Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls and sometimes just Biggie. He is on almost everybody’s list of top rappers/lyricists. For some, he is even the Greatest Rapper of all time. Hearing people reflect upon his life and talent is a beautiful thing but, the most poignant reflection came from a young lady who knew Biggie as “Daddy”. T’Yanna Wallace came to New York City and sat with Rosenberg, CiphaSounds and K. Foxx at Hot 97 in her first ever interview about her dad.

Hearing T’Yanna and her mom Jan Jackson talk about Biggie closed a lot of gaps in stories that were fed to the public about his life. The movie “Notorious” gave a lot of the people the wrong impression about his life as a dad. Every body knows that rappers have an image to uphold and they are rarely seen for the people they really are. He truly made and continues to make an impact on her life.

T’Yanna is now a student at Penn State and she is living her life as a normal college student. She does not make it a point to scream to the masses that she is Biggie’s daughter, but rather takes it in stride with pride. She loves her daddy’s music, recognizes his talent and appreciates the legacy he left behind. She is well taken care of, compliments of his career and the royalties that are still being generated.

BIG is missed immensely in this industry and there will never be another. If you missed the interviews on Hot 97, take a listen to some of the video clips below…

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