Jay & Bey: Trademark Blue Ivy’s Name

(Photo credit Concreteloop.com)

Jay & Bey make moves to trademark their little girl’s name.  Blue Ivy is officially trademarked by her parents so that other companies don’t cash in on her name.  Bey’s company  BGK Trademark Holdings decided to make moves on the name after several people including fashion designer Joseph Mbeh, began submitting trademark requests only 4 days after the infant was born.  Another company is said to have submitted paperwork on the 20th of January.  Both requests were denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as they have no affiliation with the Carters.  The office knew that the name belonged to a “very famous infant” and did not want the public being misled into thinking these companies were selling products “Carter related”.

Jay & Bey plan on utilizing the name to continue to build on their already gynormous empire.  Strollers and makeup are only a few items said to be slated for creation in their little girl’s name.   They are keeping it in the family… Can’t be mad at that!

The Carters were spotted last night as Jay-Z played philanthropist and took to the Carnegie Hall stage for charity.  Hosting a star-studded crowd in a legendary venue, Jay performed his ode to his baby Bey, “Glory”.  He was said to be “glowing” as a stunning post-baby Beyonce was on deck to support his endeavors.  Take a look at the performance of  “Glory: Live at Carnegie Hall”…

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