Obama Takes It To The Apollo… And Sings “Let’s Stay Together”.

New York City had the honor of the President’s presence last night.  He was all over the place and concluded his visit with a fundraising event at the legendary Apollo Theatre.  OWS protestors and Obama supporters were on hand to welcome the President in.  With Cornel West, Chris Rock, Al Green and India Arie on the bill and a host of celebrity attendees, President Obama made sure to give the people great words of wisdom.  He even carried a few notes from the Al Green tune “Let’s Stay Together”, which is a fitting segue into his 2012 re-election speech.  Despite the criticisms and alleged “backsliding” on a few issues, Obama’s speech tonight makes you want him to stay.  As he was appealing to the people in NYC, his perspective opponents were on TV continuing to make fools of themselves.  While this NYC tour was strictly for promotional use only, the President makes it easy to want to “have his back” and support him for a re-election term.  Take a look…

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