Download & Listen: The Archetype EP | J.Nolan x Reese Jones

**Archetype- noun. A universally understood symbol, term, or 
pattern of behavior. A prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, 
or emulated.**

Beats are important to a track.  The first 60 seconds of a track will determine whether you’re going to love it or hate it.  This Jazz infused project has that power.  The team of J.Nolan and Reese Jones created their project “The Archetype”, which dropped earlier this month.  The basis of their beats is a genre of music (Jazz) that is often forgotten about.  The beat is mixed and tweaked to give it the edge it needs to support solid lyrics.  This production and emcee duo hail from Atlanta and are making a name for themselves.  Looking to make moves, this duo is definitely on the rise.  Reese Jones takes his production very seriously as you will hear and J.Nolan brings a fluid flow of dope lyrics.  You can find them both on Twitter @j_nolan and @supremelybased and go check out the tunes on Download the EP “The Archetype”.  It is worth adding to your rotation.

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