Reality Bites: “He/She F*&ked Someone Else…”

Relationships are becoming harder and harder to maintain nowadays.  With the myriad of distractions and the physical laws of attraction, relationships are taking hits from all angles.  While society and Kim Kardashian are ridiculing relationships and marriage, there are people who are actually trying to make things work.  Being in a relationship, there is a certain comfort in knowing that you have a partner.  Having a companion and being able to know that someone is there for you, is a wonderful feeling.  Whether it lasts 50 days or 50 years, you guys are a pair.  Relationships progress in steps but those steps can be sometimes interrupted.  A major interruption is cheating, in any form.  The most damaging kind are usually sexual.   If you are involved with someone, and they have sex with someone else, is that forgivable?

Finding out that your partner may have slept with someone posts a dark cloud over a relationship.  People usually become suspect, start investigating and come to a conclusion based on stuff they’ve found out.  There are some straight up cases where people are caught in the act but most of the time it is a suspicion led investigation.  There are even some instances where people will admit it.  What a person does with that information after that is up to them.  Most people go the obvious “payback” route.  Many people break-up, but here are a percentage of people who still try to work it out.  Is that smart?

The fine line between friendships, “fuckships” and relationships is extremely thin… Most people cross it and have no idea how to have one without the other.  This attributes to a lot of the problem too.

Staying with someone who cheated must be extremely difficult.  Trust becomes an issue, there are a ton of questions and who’s to say this person won’t “fuck” again.  While these are not uncommon situations, society has made it okay for them to happen.  While extra-relationship/marital affairs have gone on since the beginning of time, they are becoming more and more acceptable, or at least that’s what a lot of people believe.

The bottom line is a simple one.  If you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, committed being whatever YOU and YOUR partner decide, then you shouldn’t play the role. Period.

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