Reality Bites: Moving On…

Everything in life has an expiration date.  Nothing lasts forever.  It’s nice to believe they do but they don’t.  Many times in relationships, we go in with our hearts but not with our heads.  Things happen all the time and when it’s over, it’s over…

Moving on, like a lot of things, is hard to do.  You need to know when to stay and when to go.  A lot of times, people linger on and don’t know when to leave.  The Universe brings people into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it’s to elevate us to the next level and sometimes the adverse happens.  Either way, when it is that person’s time to exit, we tend to want to fight that and “keep it together”.   They say everything is worth fighting for but when you’ve done all you can and have no more left to give,  is it finally time to let go?

When you are in love, it doesn’t hurt.  Or it isn’t supposed to anyway.  Sometimes there is physical hurt and sometimes there is emotional hurt.  Either way, it isn’t supposed to hurt.  Love doesn’t lie. Love doesn’t disrespect.  Love doesn’t sneak or control or neglect.  Love doesn’t cause sadness or heartache or pain.  Love is not supposed to make you feel alone…

At any time in a relationship, the above starts to happen, it is time to move on.  No matter how painful or sad it may be.  No matter the cost, no matter the fee… there is no price for happiness.

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