The “Countdown” Is Here…

“Grind the pony girl. Show him how you ride it…” YES BEYYYY!!!!

She is slayin’ these chicks in the industry and she’s pregnant!!! Her whole “4” project was the culminating event to all of her previous projects and… (in my opinion)… Her current state of happiness with her husband.  If you go back through her catalogs, this album has a different and  more mature, evolved feel to it.

“Countdown” and its supporting visuals are definitely on point.  She uses “pop culture” and its defining moments to take us back.  Seems like she is inserting herself into that list, and rightfully so.  She dressed and danced the parts of many prominent moments including the “Fame” era, the “Flashdance” era, the “Josephine Baker Banana Dance” era and the Audrey Hepburn days.  Her dance moves were on point, even with the belly.  Let me just say that Bey is appreciated for not trying to stunt in some stilettos on top of a piano… falling all over the place (like some other singers we all know).  Her happiness is evident and it is interesting to see where this journey is going to take her.   Check the official video for “Countdown”.




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  1. I finally purchased her album about 2 weeks ago since I wasn’t a fan of the first single, “Run The World.” I could kick myself for not buying it sooner. It’s amazing and really shows her growth! “Countdown” is one of my favorites…thanks for sharing.

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