*FIGHT CLUB* Diddy vs. T.I. In the Club…

So allegedly… Diddy and T.I. got into a little smackfest in an Atlanta nightclub last night.  Everyone is there for the BET awards so this is very probable.  According to my sources, Diddy and T.I. got into a scuffle that resulted in Diddy being escorted out of the spot.  All this because his liquor… Ciroc…wasn’t being consumed by the patrons/artists in attendance.

According to reports, Diddy slapped drinks out of people’s hands and was threatening folks because they weren’t drinking Ciroc.  When asked by T.I., via microphone, to stop, Diddy continued.  While T.I. is on a tighter than tight leash, he continued to tell Diddy to stop or else… When Diddy didn’t stop, T.I. (allegedly) slapped him and then Diddy was escorted out of the establishment.  This does not sound like “Diddyesque” behavior though.  Well, maybe he was his alter ego Swagg… Who knows!!

The two were buddies prior to all this as they had the monster hit “Hello Good Morning” before T.I. went away for his bid(s).  T.I. has no business in the middle of anything because they will cart his ass right back to jail behind all this.  Why would Diddy jeopardize this? Is he worried about his future album sales?  Was this an intentional plot to ruin T.I.? Was Diddy drinking Peach Ciroc and does it make people act gangsta? Is Diddy trying to get on the “jail” train too? Hmmmmm… We shall soon see.

Here is some video courtesy of GrindHD.com.  This all looks like a bunch of ratchet mess and these grown ass men don’t need to be in the middle of none of it.  Aren’t we too old for this Diddy?


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