Making Moves: What’s Russell Simmons Buying Now?

Aside from being a driving force and anchor in the Hip Hop community and a philanthropist at heart, Russell Simmons is considering a huge media purchase.  While overseas in HongKong for his Diamond Empowerment Fund Charity event, Simmons told the Wall Street Journal that he was indeed interested in purchasing a TV network.  Instead of focusing on shoveling out more “Black T.V.”, Simmons wants to integrate all the cultures and push for diversity T.V.  Many people think because Simmons is Black, he is going to create an all Black Network.  In an earlier interview with the New York Post Simmons said, “Eighty percent of the people who grew up on hip-hop are not African American. I’m dedicated to all the people who grew up on hip-hop. That’s the audience I want to serve.”  That makes a lot more sense than segregating a whole Network for Black T.V. B.E.T. has that power and they make it look all bad… Daily.

It will be interesting to see how the mogul uses this Network as he seems to have magic hands that cultivate any project he touches.  A close eye will be kept for any future news on the network…

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