Reality Bites: Obama… Always There, Never On Time

While trying to gather words and feelings to express the unexplainable execution of Troy Davis, I come across an article talking about Obama asking for a stay in execution for a Texas man on death row. The man, Humberto Leal Garcia Jr. was convicted of rape and murder in 1994.  He was sentenced to death.  No one is contesting his guilt and all evidence fits.  Allegedly, he was not given proper instructions.  He should have been instructed to contact the Mexican Embassy since he is NOT a US citizen.  Obama is asking for the stay because this little detail was not mentioned during Garcia’s arrest.  Obama feels that if he is executed, it would strain US relations abroad and make it difficult for American citizens who get into situations in other countries.

This is eerily coincidental as Troy Davis was executed a few days ago, despite looming doubt and witnesses confessing to being coherced into signing fictional statements.  These testimonies were in line with Davis maintaining his innocence the whole time.  As his execution time drew near, his lawyers tried every last ditch effort to obtain a stay.  Leaving it in the hands of Clarence “UncleTom”as, there was no more time and Davis executed.

While Troy Davis is one man, his legal public lynching speaks to a nation of African Americans.  Given the details of Davis’ possible innocence, the President failed to intervene.  People wondered where Obama was in all of this and we heard nothing from him.  His silence spoke volumes.  Foreign policy is more important than the holes and inconsistencies in the U.S Justice system.  Perhaps Obama needs to be reminded that if he wasn’t President, he too could be a potential Troy Davis.

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  1. The President of the United States cannot pardon state crimes.

    He could have dropped his two cents in the bucket, but people act like he was a savior that never arrived – he was never a savior in the first place. Any involvement on his part would have been purely nominal and, politically speaking, unwise on an issue which will be forgotten in a matter of weeks.

    I don’t know enough about the case to say one way or another what the outcome should have been, but I do know that Barack Obama’s involvement would have been a useless endeavor.

    1. I understand that he can’t readily “stop it”… I guess that’s the wrong impression. This is a huge injustice to America as the system we rely on was just proven to be a failure… (Not that it hasn’t before but to me, this was personal). I feel like he could have done something. I guess that’s just the hope in me talking.

  2. Very true. As he has been very vocal in other states affairs. But, what is our liability in this whole thing? Those of us who watched in silence as this played out. If we also stood by and watched, if we didn’t rally, or petition for Troy’s stay, we are just as guilty as those who killed him. May God have mercy on our souls for not taking action!

    1. Yes I totally agree. This should also be a lesson in taking action daily and not at the clutch. This has been a problem way before the final hours when everyone was rallying and what not. perhaps had we been doing that all along, his life may have been spared. Or maybe not. Who knows.

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